The math behind the predicting game

Wanna Learn How to Play the Mind Reading Game?

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Hi Guys and Gals, Maths Guy is back as promised to teach you the Mind Reading Game. 🙂

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Its time to learn the trick

Still can’t you figure out the trick? Then, let’s learn the trick behind the mind reading game and feel the beauty of Mathematics. Hope you can remember the steps and answers 😉

Well what is the animal you thought? 

Is it Elephant? 😀

Oh yeh!!!!!!

OK, Here is the Magic behind the mind reading game 🙂

I’m not gonna analyze all the steps because all of you guys are smart enough to understand it by reading following basics of Maths.

Ok tell me, what’s the answer of 9×9, it’s 81 right? Then what about 7×9, 15×9, 785×9?

Now what are the answers?

7×9 = 63

15 x 9 = 135

785 x 9 = 7065

Now, we shall move on to the next step of the trick. (Next step is If you get more than one digit answer, then again repeat the above step until you get a single digit answer.)

ok, what is the sum of the digits? 

8+1 = 9

6+3 = 9

1+3+5 = 9

7+0+6+5=18; again, 1+8 = 9

Got it?????

Theory : If you multiply any number from 9 and add up the digits until you get one digit answer, you  will always get 9 as your answer. So, at the end I know that the number you have in your mind is 5. (9-4 = 5) Then before the trick, I carefully selected a famous animal who live on the land and I forced you to think about the ELEPHANT.

I have created a simple maths game, computer program (Desktop Version, Windows Only) and by using below link, download it and trick your friends easily. (totally different from above game)

free-download-button-by-maths-guy-mathsguymaths-game-by-mathsguy- maths-guy

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