Time travel is possible - a time for me post by Maths Guy

Time Travelling Is Possible?

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Is it POSSIBLE to Travel Through Time?

Time traveling is possible by Maths Guy

What is Time Travelling or Travel Through Time? 

What is time travelling - a time for me

Well, Simply it can define as a Slow Ageing.

Let’s assume that you have a twin brother and you born in 1990. Now you and your twin brother, both are 27 (as at 2017) and just assume that you can slow the time on your clock (frame) by half relative to your brother. After two (2) years, you synchronize your clock or frame with your brother’s. Therefore when your brother gets 31, you still not reaching to 31, you are 29. Then, it means you have travel through the Time. You went to 2021 but you are still 29 and your twin brother is 31. This means you have traveled to the FUTURE. Yes, now you can say that “there is a time for me which I can control”

WAIT!!!!! Is there Really a Time for Me?

Yes, what I have mentioned above has scientifically proven by the great scientist, Sir. Albert Einstein with his Special Relativity Theory. According to his theory, maximum speed a particle can ever achieve is, c = 3×108 m/s (approx.) and when a particle getting closer to the “c” relative to earth, time on particle will slow relative to the time on earth. Bellow mentioned, time dilation Lorentz equation can use to show above assumption. 

Lorentz Transformation Equation for Maths Guy

According to the equation, if you can travel at the speed of V = 2.5981×108 m/s for two years, (you left on your 27th birthday) when you come back, you will be younger than your twin brother. You can join your twin brother’s 31st  birthday party and you can celebrate your 29th birthday with him. 

That’s the way to have a time for me. 😀 

This theory is a complex and by searching for Lorentz Transformation learning material, you will get more new knowledge. If you want to learn more about Einstein’s Relativity, bellow video will help you to understand the basics.  

The movie, Interstellar directed by Christoper Nolan used above phenomenon in his movie.

interstellar movie poster from IMDB

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