Coming from a family involved in marketing and advertising, I was exposed to the advertising world from a very young age.

I selected Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Pure Mathematics as my major subjects for my Bachelor studies which I completed at the University of Kelaniya. My interest in scientific problem solving, Mathematics, and Computer Science with my love of analytical thinking, and creative problem solving, led me into a career in Digital Marketing which helped me tremendously over the years when tackling marketing problems. At that time, I realized that I wanted to achieve advanced academic qualifications in marketing. Therefore I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the University of Kelaniya.

Once I gained experience in the marketing industry, I realized that most marketers make decisions based on gut feeling rather than practicing data-driven marketing decision-making. The lack of data-driven marketing practices in the industry pushes me to pursue Big-Data analytics-focused Master's studies from the University of Moratuwa. The program was an eye-opener for me. It filled the knowledge gaps I had in data-driven decision-making and aroused my interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts. Which later motivated me to self-learn Python and related libraries and start personal projects in data mining, visualization, and machine learning. (Visit my GitHub profile to see more about my projects.)

I have always wanted to apply my learnings and share my knowledge with others. Later it led me into the development of my blog

The main intention of this blog is to provide explanations for some complex scenarios and provide amazing insights hidden in the data. The blog will explain the scenario by using data visualization techniques, videos and infographics.

Stay with us for more quality content & welcome to my blog space!

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