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Wanna Play and Learn Cool Mind Reading Game?

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Shall We Play a Cool Mind Reading Game?

 Hi guys & gals, this is my first blog post on MathsGuy.Com

Mind Reading Game by Maths Guy part 1

Ok then, let’s play the mind reading game.  (You may follow the steps or you can watch bellow video)

  • Think of any number. Yes any number! (Eg: 8)
  • Then, multiply it by 3 (Eg: 8×3)
  • Ok, then add 1 (One) to the total you get.
  • Then again multiply your answer by 3 
  • Then subtract 3 from your answer. Ok?
  • Fine, then add the numbers of your answer. (Eg: If your answer is 52, then 5+2 = 7)
  • If you get more than one digit answer, then again repeat the above step until you get a single digit answer. (Eg: If your answer was 438, then 4+3+8=15, then 1+5=6)
  • OK now you have a single digit number in your mind. Now, subtract 4 from the number you get.
  • Now assign relevant English letter of your number. (Eg: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C etc.)
  • Now you have a letter in your mind, Yes? 
  • Now think of an animal name starting from your letter who lives in land.
  • OK? 

Then what is the last letter of the animal you thought? Wait, don’t spell!!!!! I’m gonna read your mind 🙂 

Is it ” T “

I have developed a simple python based code so you can use it as a guideline. Please refer bellow simple steps to proceed with the game.

As I promised you earlier, here is the video with easy guidelines.  

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Supersized?, then don’t be.

This is the beauty of Maths. If you watch closely, you will realize the trick. Mathematics is full of joy and surprises as long as you willing to think hard.

Well, if you want to play this mind reading game with your buddies, please keep in touch with us. I’ll teach how to read your buddy’s mind.


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