Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT: The Future of AI and AnalyzeGPT

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What is ChatGPT?

As we all know, ChatGPT is the brand name of the AI service offered by OpenAI. Similarly, Bard is the brand name of a similar AI service offered by Google (In this article, we focus on ChatGPT).

ChatGPT is a generative AI model, which can generate human-like responses when prompted with text-based inputs.

So, what is generative AI and what can it do?

Versatile Capabilities of Generative AI

With a given prompt, generative AI can perform tasks such as code generation, document summarization, information extraction, marketing campaign creation, and even serve as a virtual assistant or chatbot.

But how can it generate content?

Well, it trains its AI model by utilizing components of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) with a large amount of existing text, audio, or video-based data as input data.

Limitations of Generative AI (WRT ChatGPT 3.5)

Can it give you an answer by analyzing the data you provide as input?

If the question inputs are simple, it can, but it can’t do it if we need to analyze the situation and predict all possible scenarios. Also, it doesn’t always provide the correct answers.

The Need for Advanced AI

Let’s assume that I have a dataset about an advertising campaign and I did research about my customers who consumed my products in the past, and I have so many data points about those customers, including their demographics, buying patterns, buying behaviors, educational and earning capacities. Based on the data, I am planning to launch a new product, and I need to develop potential product scenarios with AI. I cannot do that with the existing GPT-4.

The Future with AnalyzeGPT

So, can I achieve such a result with these AI technologies? Yes, we can. According to rumors and some AI leaks, the OpenAI team is currently working on a project called AnalyzeGPT/ InstructGPT, and its main goal is to address the mathematical reasoning issue in the current model.

There are research papers and publications on InstructGPT by the OpenAI team, and you can access them via the following link. (Link: InstructGPT)

Insights from a Chat with BingAI

Here are some screenshots of the chat I had with the GPT-4-powered BingAI chat tool (chat date: 2023-07-05), which has revealed more details about the AnalyzeGPT project. At a certain point during our conversation, it asked me not to reveal this secret to the public. ????

According to leaks from Bing Chat, it is scheduled for release in September 2023.
(I waited as promised ????)

Future Speculation

However, with the recent Microsoft event (2023 September 22) and the launch of Microsoft Copilot, the rumors will likely become true in the near future.



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